Price increase on our products

I truly wish I wasn’t having to write this, but its inevitable. Due to rising fuel prices, as well as raw material prices, we are having to increase our prices across the board for all of our products. We don’t take this step lightly, and have tried to keep our pricing as low as possible, but my fabric costs have increased by at least 15% since this time last year, and our fuel prices have more than doubled. I’m keeping free shipping, even though shipping costs have increased as well.

I refuse to lower our standards of quality for fabric and other materials, and cheapen our clothing and accessories. We work with a talented team of local sewers that produce everything we sell (except tunics, which are produced in Utah). Nothing is factory-made, nothing is made overseas. We are dedicated to bringing you the quality products you deserve and a price that will still keep us in business.

Thank you for your support.

Bruce/Old Wolf, Sam/Onyx, and Joanne/Lady Emerald.