Welcome to the new and improved Eclectics Creations

Its been a long journey, but we’ve finally arrived at our new site. Its not perfect, and I’m still improving the look and functionality, but it does what an online store is supposed to do… Present products in a reasonable fashion, and sell them to patrons who are interested in them, all at a fair price.

Why did I move to a different platform? Costs, mainly. By moving to this platform, I reduced my costs somewhat, but it also gave me much better control over the platform. And in this day and age of Covid-19, where we are all struggling to survive, reducing costs any way I can helps us out.

Most of the products have been loaded, many with better pictures and descriptions than before. Prices haven’t changed, and free shipping is included in all purchases. And as always, all of the products on our site are made in the USA, mostly by talented folks near our hometown.

So look around, let me know what you think of the new platform, and maybe if you want to purchase something, go ahead.

Wolf Der Altermann, Lady Emerald, and Onyx Wolfsonn