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Leather cloak clasp with your choice of color and emblem


Our custom-made leather cloak clasp with fasteners is perfect to complete your cloak, shawl, or hood, or other outerwear ensemble. These sturdy clasps are custom-made for us by our leatherworker in California. Best of all, you get to choose not only the color of the clasp from the 12 colors we currently have, but you get to pick the emblem that best suits you. Whether its celtic, pirate, fantastical, or whatnot, we have an emblem to fit almost any person.

Best of all, these clasps are MOVEABLE and PORTABLE. You can shift them around to different garments, you can reposition them on any garment to lessen or increase the enclosure, and the fasteners won’t cause damage to your garb. (they also function as short skirt-hikes).

Each clasp is appoximately 4 inches long overall (including fasteners), while the leather portion is approximately 1 1/2 inches wide, by 1 1/4 inches tall.


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