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Vegvisir, Mjolnir, or Raven and Elder Futhark Runes Burned Onto Oak Disk



These traditional Norse/Viking/Heathen symbols are hand-burned on to an oak disk. The oak itself is harvested directly by us from the forests of Northern Arizona from dead or down timber. Each disk is then sealed with linseed oil both before and after burning the image on the disk.

These are 100% natural products, so some imperfections are expected and add to the character of the disks. Some disks will come with bark on them, some will not.

Each disk is between 5 and 7 inches in diameter, depending on the tree they were cut from. Suitable for wall hanging or setting in a flat surface. Although the linseed oil does a good job of waterproofing, you will need to exercise care to keep them from getting wet.

Because each is handmade at the time of order, it may take as many as 7-10 days for shipment. Note: Because this is a 100% natural product, we cannot guarantee the bark will remain attached over time.

Wood Disk

Mjolnir, Raven, Vegvisir


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